Management Board

Ewa Jankowska

Ewa Jankowska

has been fulfilling her duties as the President of PASMI’s Management Board since June 2010.

She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1995. She is an expert in the field of regulatory and legal environment with particular emphasis on the creation and implementation of regulatory strategy as part of the marketing strategy and sales. At USP Zdrowie as Regulatory Director, she is responsible for the work of Registration Department, Implementation Department, Department of Medicine in the field of pharmacovigilance – PHV, clinical trials and refund. He is also editor of the magazine ,,Stworzony dla farmaceuty”. Her professional experience includes both drugs Rx and OTC, food supplements and medical devices, with special emphasis on issues related to the development, production, introduction of these products and labelling and advertising. Since June of 2010 she is the Chairman of the Board of PASMI building the position of the organization in the industry and environment, both at national and EU level. He is a member of the Team for the Pharmaceutical Industry Competitiveness appointed by the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the Ministry of Development.

Małgorzata Osadowska- Glinka

Małgorzata Osadowska- Glinka

She is an expert in the area of strategic pharmaceutical marketing and the originator of a number of innovative advertising and image campaigns awarded at numerous industry competitions. She gained extensive, twenty-five years of professional experience working for Polish and international pharmaceutical concerns such as Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline, and Polpharma. Since 2002, she operates in the pharmaceutical environment, among others in associations: PASMI, Leviatan, BCC. She works with various institutions and environments, caring for the interests of the OTC industry. In the years 2011 -2016 she was the Member of the Board of PASMI. She participated in many industry projects, including works related to planned changes to the law of advertising of OTC products, such as the introduction of OTC drug advertising tax and banning the umbrella branding. She participated in the creation of the Code of Good Advertising Practices of Food Supplements and in pleading for the GSL sales and “psychoactive substances”. She co-created the educational campaign “responsible treatment” for PASMI. In the recent term, she struggled for the provisions of the Drug Policy beneficial for OTC. 2018 – 2019 she was a participant of the round table media organized by the National Broadcasting Council. She is an Industry representative in the project of self-regulation of broadcasters in the field of food supplements advertising. Thanks to knowledge and many years of experience, she constantly supports the activities of the OTC pharmaceutical industry in Poland. In PASMI, she supports issues related to pharmaceutical marketing of medicinal products and the promotion of independent, conscious and responsible use of medicines.

Monika Granecka

has many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with which she has been associated since 1999.

She is an expert in the field of regulatory and legal environment, with particular emphasis on the creation and implementation of regulatory strategy, introducing new products to the market, regulatory oversight of products’ communication. Her experience covers a wide range of products: medicinal products available on prescription and OTC medicinal products, food supplements and cosmetics. She specializes in the Polish and other EU countries. She has also been involved in regulatory projects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Since 2010 in Sanofi she is responsible for Regulatory Affairs within the Business Unit Consumer Healthcare. Currently, in the position of CHC Regulatory Head she is responsible for broad product portfolio including brands such as No-spa®, Essentiale Forte®, MagneB6® and Emolium®. She is involved in projects related to pharmacovigilance, cosmetovigilance, clinical research and medical information. She also participates in regional and global projects related to new products development. She represents Sanofi in other industry associations PZPK (Polish Union of Cosmetics Industry, a member of Cosmetics Europe). In PASMI she is particularly involved in projects relating to the regulation of advertising of OTC drugs and food supplements, umbrella branding and non-pharmacy sales.

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